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Artwork and Templates

CD printing and DVD printing on body artwork and packaging templates

If you intend to produce the artwork for your CD or DVD printing project yourself, or you have a graphic designer working for you, then you will need to supply the artwork to us in an appropriate format so that we can, in turn, produce the highest quality printed CD’s, DVD’s or packaging for you or for your business.

We have produced a number of CD, DVD and associated packaging templates for you to use to eliminate any guesswork and to ensure that your artwork is delivered to us in a format we can put to work as quickly as possible.

Please select the CD, DVD or packaging template from the list below to download a pdf version of the template which can be used in your artwork software package of choice. If you cannot see the template that you require, please contact us and request a template. We have only included the most commonly used templates below but we have many more for available for use by clients. There is also a specification sheet available for download below which outlines file formats that we can use and required image resolutions.

CD DVD Packaging Artwork SpecsCD DVD Artwork Templates