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CD Duplication DVD Duplication

The CD and DVD Duplication process involves “burning” the information onto a recordable CD for CD duplication or recordable DVD for DVD duplication, using high capacity tower duplication systems loaded with optical drives very similar to those that can be found in a standard desktop PC system. This is an ideal option for those with a short lead time requirement.

Lower costs for CD Duplication and DVD Duplication

Duplication is perfect for runs of either CDs or DVDs for a user who requires their CD DVD duplication in smaller batches. Duplication is best employed where the production run is between 50 and 500 discs.

CD DVD Duplication

What we need from you for CD DVD Duplication

If you already have existing artwork for your CD or DVD, or for your packaging materials, then we will need that to conform to our CD and DVD packaging printing specifications which can be found by clicking on the Artwork & Templates button above.

  • For CD duplication, the information file size needs to be 700 MB or less, or up to 80 minutes of audio information.
  • For DVD duplication, the file size must be 4.2 GB or less for DVD5’s (single layer) or 8.5 GB for DVD9’s (dual layer).

Whatever your CD duplication or DVD duplication requirement may be, call Media686 today. You can reach us on 0121 661 9355 or you can email us at