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A professionally printed CD or DVD often creates a lasting impression on the end user. Screen printing or Lithographic (Offset) printing of discs are the industry standard where a high quality end product is required. We provide our CD printing and DVD printing service using these high end printing methods, to the following customer groups:

  • Musicians, or those involved with bands who need to promote their latest single, E.P. or album.
  • It goes without saying that often many months or even years can go into getting the production of recorded music just right. A labour of love deserves a top quality CD printing service and the end user experience is undoubtedly enhanced by a distinctive, high quality printed disc expressing the musicians individuality.

  • Recording studios needing a run of discs for their clients
  • Recording time in the studio is expensive and musicians put their hearts and souls into their work. It’s only fitting that such hard work and dedication should be treated with the utmost respect and be recorded onto very high quality media with a high resolution, professionally produced print. Our CD printing and DVD printing services enable studios to provide the complete package for musicians using the studio as we can also provide ISRC codes and bar codes for the final reproduction of the master.

  • Employees of huge multi-national companies or those running their own small business
  • A large proportion of our orders come from businesses both large and small who are either looking to distribute data within the business or to promote the business and attract new customers. Promotional videos and product catalogues will look amazing when received on a top quality printed DVD or CD. These types of media also have the added advantage of being able to hold huge amounts of data. Catalogues containing hundreds or thousands of different products are expensive to print, why not put them onto a compact and convenient CD or DVD?

    Using CDs or DVDs to hand out promotional data at exhibitions or marketing events is also a low cost but professional looking option.

  • Established directors of video production studios or students learning the ropes.
  • We only supply the highest quality DVD media, screen or lithographically printed to the most professional of standards. All those hours of production and editing that go into creating video projects justify using the very finest media to convey the best impression to the end user.
    Even when the budget is tight, we can print a single colour design onto a silver disc which looks amazing but keeps the costs down for you.

  • Individuals producing audio or video material for personal use or fund raising activities.
  • Very often we have clients who ask us how they can keep the costs down on their CD or DVD project as they are either trying to raise money for a charity, or they need as much income as they can generate through the sales of their CDs or DVDs to achieve their end goal.

    By using the CD and DVD printing services of Media686, our customers can still receive a high class end product by printing with just a single colour onto a disc. Our artwork designers can assist here, as their knowledge of what makes a disc look special has been gained through years of experience.

Why send out a blank or hand written CD or DVD to colleagues and clients when you can create a highly professional corporate impression with our sensational full colour CD printing and DVD printing service at incredibly competitive prices? With professional CD and DVD printing becoming cheaper and more efficient all the time, it has never been easier to impress your customers with professional CD printing or DVD printing of your company products.

Whether your requirement for our CD printing and DVD printing service is 100 CD sales brochures to mail out to potential new clients, 500 copies of your band’s latest recording to sell at gigs or you’re a software developer and you need 10,000 units of your latest PC game to hit the high street shops, Media686 are here to meet your requirements. We offer a tailored CD and DVD printing service for all of your disc printing needs.

Our Disc Printing Services

CD Printing and DVD Printing Screen Printing is regarded as the industry standard when printing to a CD or DVD. This is the process whereby an image is printed directly onto the reflective silver surface of a CD or DVD to achieve a slightly metallic finish or alternatively onto a white base coat already printed on the CD or DVD to give the colours improved contrast. Not using a white base coat can result in the finished CD or DVD having a translucent finish. This decision will ultimately be decided by the style of artwork to be printed onto the CD or DVD.

The process of Silk Screen Printing falls into one of two categories, Spot Colour or process CMYK. Spot colour is utilised where the artwork consists of just a few colours or individually mixed inks printed in blocks or tones. The spot colour range corresponds to the Pantone Solid Coated range or Solid Un-coated range (which is replicated by adding a matt finish), this is a standard colour matching system used by the printing industry for inks, papers and indeed CD printing or DVD printing.

Process CMYK is used when the artwork design is a complex multi-coloured image. The image to be used is separated into the component colours of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black and the colours are produced by printing rows of dots at different angles onto the face of the CD or DVD.

Offset or Lithographic Printing for CD & DVD

Offset or Lithographic printing provides a much greater colour resolution and is therefore ideal when printing photographic images, skin tones, full colour graphics and smaller text onto a CD or DVD. This process uses a CMYK print onto a white base to give you a full colour range choice.

Colour Matching – We are happy to provide a colour matching service for all CD printing and DVD printing. If you have a specific colour for a design idea (company stationary, logos, products, textiles etc). Just supply us with a sample and as part of our CD printing and DVD printing service, we’ll do the rest.

We assess every print job individually and recommend the CD printing and DVD printing process that will provide you with the best results.